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Have you heard the saying ‘Content is King’?

content is king

Everyone in online business needs to know how to create content.  It’s important for SEO and search engine ranking, but it’s not just relevant to those of us who have websites. It’s important to anyone trying to form an online presence.

You need to get as much content relevant to your business in front of as many eyes as possible. Regular posting of content is just as important as the quality of the content itself. It must be relevant to your niche, as unique as possible and be engaging enough to keep the attention of the viewer for as long as possible. Make sure your content is giving value to the reader, making them feel that their knowledge has grown as a result of what they have just read.

But creating lots of content is difficult…..isn’t it?

Okay, so you’re not used to writing. So how are you going to attract visitors to your content, and how are you going to write enough content? Where can you post it, and won’t you run out of things to say?


The key to all of this is to maximise on the content, make it work for you. You can do SO much with just one article – HOW?… Read More

Ricochet Email Marketing Into Sign-ups For Your Business

How many emails do you get every day from online marketers trying to get you into their business?


Have you thought about using those emails to your advantage?

I received this email:


Hello,email marketing

Like seriously… have you found
something that pays you weekly?

If you have 30 minutes a day to
put towards this then you can easily
be profiting daily.

You have a computer right?

Check This Out…





Take advantage of this free marketing opportunity

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Why Most People Fail in Online Business

minimum_wageHow many years do most people spend earning an hourly wage, with tiny annual pay rises if they are lucky, and some even getting a small promotion after five, or even ten years? Working 35 to 40 hours a week, over 2,000 hours in a year. Then if it takes ten years for a promotion, that’s 20,000 hours for a promotion or pay increase that probably doesn’t even give you as much as the rate of inflation. So you are actually losing money as your career goes on. Scary when you actually think about it!

A Distorted Reality of the Online World
So how about starting your own business, working for yourself, being your own boss. People starting their own get-rich-quickbusinesses have varying expectations, but those starting online businesses tend to have higher expectations than those with traditional offline businesses, expecting things to grow a lot quicker. After all connecting with people online is instant, messages are sent at a click of a button and a simple search on the internet can get us access to most information we need. So success in an online business is often expected to be instant. Misleading information and offers claiming instant riches, only make this worse, and those expecting overnight success, are almost certainly going to fail, when the realisation is that success doesn’t happen overnight, and a lot of hard work is needed in the early days of a new online business.

Rewards are Proportional to Efforts
So let’s look at what you are investing in your business. Let’s say you are advertising or blogging on your website a couple of times a week. Researching, creating and publishing your content might take a couple of hours a time, tops. online-businessSo 4 hours invested in the most critical aspect of your business. Obviously you’ll have other things going on that will be associated with your business, for example watching training videos, doing some keyword research, working on building yourself a following on social media etc. So even if we say you’ve put in 7 hours, that should cover your activity for the week.

So 7 hours invested in your business could get you some decent results, however the problem is that your expectation of results will more than likely be higher than what you are achieving. And probably higher than that of those that invest 40 hours a week into a regular job.

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How to Spot a Scam

Avoid Online Scams

Its so easy to trust people who approach us about online business. They come across as if they have life changing opportunities and want to help us, but in reality a large percentage of them are fake. The truth is that there are scam-300x200thousands of scammers out there, all pretending they have something that is going to make us rich, when in fact they dangle a carrot infront of you, ready to take the cash a lot of us so willingly hand over to them!

This post will hopefully help you to spot some of the scams and stop you from parting with your hard earned cash and getting nothing in return.

These are a few trusted ways to help you spot a likely scam. There are some legitimate business opportunities out there, but until you are sure they are what they say they are, you need to keep your cash in your pocket where it belongs.


Top 5 Scam Alerts

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How important are keywords in your posts?

What is a keyword?

Understanding the importance of keywords when you advertise your business can mean the difference between success and failure.income-at-your-fingertips-keyword-research-300x225

A keyword is purely a word or a string of words that people will use to search in search engines. So whenever you do a search, in a search engine, Google for instance, you are using a “keyword” or “keywords” in the search box.

You will hear people talking about keyword research. This is simply the practice of finding prime keywords relevant to your particular business or niche and deciding how to use those keywords to create your content. Keyword research is optimum to your success with search engines and will play a huge part in your content being ranked with the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing, which in turn brings traffic to your business. Search engines exist because of content so if you ensure that you use low competition keywords, you should get some great rankings!

Choosing the right keywords

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