About Us

About ‘Income At Your Fingertips’

As I said on my introduction, I’ve been working on the internet for about 5 years, during that time I’d had a few conversations with Karen as from time to time we’d worked in the same programmes.

John Harvey We’d discussed experiences with various businesses we’d been involved in, and it soon became apparent that we’d experienced very similar problems; lack of information, lack of training, and most importantly lack of support. As we both felt strongly about overcoming these issues, I suggested we team up and create a team to help the people who had been let down by so many businesses and their Sponsors, and in the process lost a lot of money.

We each have skills and experiences that complement each other and bringing those together means that we can provide a service with a difference.

We started with a programme where we knew we could help people recoup some of the money they had lost elsewhere. We created a support group on Facebook where people will get all of the help they need. We help new members get set up and provide them with the tools they need to run their business. We provide them with leads, and help convert them to sales. We help them build their teams.

We’ve created ourselves a lot of work here, work that other leaders would never attempt, but that’s because we believe there are a lot of people out there, both new and experienced that need this type of support. Plus the satisfaction we get seeing our team members succeed is second to none.

We hope you will give Karen and myself an opportunity to help you succeed with your online business too.

– John Harvey


As John says, we’ve been around long enough, to spot the issues with most of the previous programmes we’ve come across, and the problems with most of the teams working within those businesses. We wanted to step outside of the box, and not think ‘How much money can we make out of this‘. What we said was ‘How can we help people make money out of this‘, ‘How can we help people to succeed‘. And that is the reason behind our collaboration, the forming of our team, and the writing of this website.kv

We pride ourselves on our training and support. We spend so much time with our team, going over every fine detail, giving them as much one on one time as they need and sticking with them until they get it, and are comfortable with what they are doing. We enjoy being the ‘Go To Guys’ and get so much satisfaction out of watching our team members succeed and from helping them grow their own teams.

We use money from our own pockets to provide leads for our team to work with. We make sure they have the resources they need and are prepared, then ‘switch on’.

We promise you that joining our team will be an experience, so different to anything you’ve had before. It’s our Mission to ensure you succeed. Our success is measured by Your success!

– Karen Veater