About John

Who is John?

I was born on the outskirts of Manchester in a small town called Leigh. My parents were hard working so I soon learned the values about money and rewards.

My first job was at 15 as an apprentice plumber in a small firm, I served my time for 4 years, but the job gradually  became easier due to more plastic being introduced,  instead of the skill demanded from the lead joints I was used to. I had a decision to make. Do I stay here with little work or venture out to pastures new?

I chose the latter and became Assistant Manager in a local retail store. With experience and hard work I soon was the Manager of my own supermarket in my own town, but after another 4 years I was presented with another decision to make. I was offered a job with a large company named BOC. My role would be delivering gas to pubs and clubs. But I was Manager at the time so I had to decide whether I wanted to take a drop in status.

After careful consideration I decided to take the role with BOC knowing that with hard work and commitment I could move up the ladder. Within 2 years I was Team Leader. I worked for BOC for 30 Years of which for the final 20 years I was Asset Control Manager.My Team consisted of Test Shop, Office Staff and Security. In 2011 at 55 I took voluntary redundancy.

I made a decision to improve my lifestyle and took the opportunity to move to the the beautiful island of Fuerteventura where I now live. After all, I found that my next ventures could be carried out from anywhere in the World!

For the last 5 years I have been in online marketing. I’ve experienced good and bad, but because of my background I understood the logic behind gaining success:john-and-mary

Hard work
Team Building
The ability to listen and learn
To commit to spending time with your team members

I am still learning every day but feel that I’m now at the level where I can help create great businesses and help others achieve the same goal.