Have you heard the saying ‘Content is King’?

content is king


Everyone in online business needs to know how to create content.  It’s important for SEO and search engine ranking, but it’s not just relevant to those of us who have websites. It’s important to anyone trying to form an online presence.

You need to get as much content relevant to your business in front of as many eyes as possible. Regular posting of content is just as important as the quality of the content itself. It must be relevant to your niche, as unique as possible and be engaging enough to keep the attention of the viewer for as long as possible. Make sure your content is giving value to the reader, making them feel that their knowledge has grown as a result of what they have just read.

But creating lots of content is difficult…..isn’t it?

Okay, so you’re not used to writing. So how are you going to attract visitors to your content, and how are you going to write enough content? Where can you post it, and won’t you run out of things to say?


The key to all of this is to maximise on the content, make it work for you. You can do SO much with just one article – HOW?…

Maximise on your content…

So you have a subject that you want to get across… but you’re not really good at sitting down and writing about it. So where do you start?

Next to google, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, receiving over 30 million visitors a day!!! So you can talk about the subject, record it and load it to YouTube. There’s one piece of content. Make sure you put any business related links in the description.

So, that’s one down, but what next? Well you can tweet a link to your video to share it on Twitter, so there’s more exposure, and share it in Facebook groups.  I know you said you couldn’t write about things, but you’ve just made a video, so transcribe your video. Transcriptions help with ranking in YouTube, so add it to the description. Then use the transcription to post anywhere relevant, blog, Facebook, Linkedin.

Is that it? What about turning it into an email…and sending it out to your email list. Then pick some snippets out to use as a text ad to use on traffic platforms. Make it into a PowerPoint presentation and use the slides for training.

Are you getting the picture…..

The possibilities go on and on. Your one subject that started off with you just talking about it, has been pasted all over social media, been blogged, emailed, been turned into a training module and hit the traffic exchanges. And that’s one piece of information! Do that just once a week and your online presence will soar!

Who said it was difficult???



2 thoughts on “Have you heard the saying ‘Content is King’?

  1. I had never thought about using the same piece of content in so many different ways but it makes total sense when you think about it. Great site with really useful articles. Thanks again. Sue

    1. Thanks for your comment Sue. When I first started online marketing I wouldn’t have thought about that either, but you can use your content in many ways to your advantage helping you to reach different audiences with the same message. Give it a try, you’ll soon see that it works. Good luck.

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