How important are keywords in your posts?

What is a keyword?

Understanding the importance of keywords when you advertise your business can mean the difference between success and failure.

A keyword is purely a word or a string of words that people will use to search in search engines. So whenever you do a search, in a search engine, Google for instance, you are using a “keyword” or “keywords” in the search box.

You will hear people talking about keyword research. This is simply the practice of finding prime keywords relevant to your particular business or niche and deciding how to use those keywords to create your content. Keyword research is optimum to your success with search engines and will play a huge part in your content being ranked with the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing, which in turn brings traffic to your business. Search engines exist because of content so if you ensure that you use low competition keywords, you should get some great rankings!

Choosing the right keywords

income-at-your-fingertips-keyword-lightbulb-300x300The trick for choosing which keywords to use, isn’t as simple as thinking of what would be most popular, in fact it can be quite the opposite. As an example, using one word keyword is likely to get you nowhere at all in the rankings. A two or three word search string is likely to get much better results. For instance, if your content is about weightloss, don’t try to optimise on the keyword weightloss, try using keyword strings like exercises for weightloss or supplements for weightloss. Never go for what you think will be the most popular keywords as it’s highly unlikely that you will rank very highly, unless your site is very well established and has good scores in all areas. It’s usually better to focus on less competitive, more specific keywords. Search attempts may be fewer, but so will the competition. So you’ll get a higher percentage of a smaller volume of more focused traffic, rather than virtually none of the masses. What is more valuable?


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