Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources

Why do you need traffic?

Even the best business opportunity in the world needs traffic. You need eyes on your opportunity. If no-one gets to see what you have on offer how will you get sales or sign-ups.

There are many ways to get traffic to your offers. Many of them paid, but a lot of free options too. Obviously if you have been able to set yourself a marketing budget and can order regular paid traffic, then your business will grow faster. But not everyone can do that, especially in the early days of a new business, so it needs to be free methods.

Free Traffic

Here are some of the best free traffic methods that we have used.

#1 – YouTube – YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the internet after Google. One of the best ways to get traffic to your links is via YouTube. Set up a channel for yourself and start making videos that are relevant to your niche. Fill your videos with useful information that will make people want to watch them. The key to getting your videos seen is to get them ranked in YouTube. Make sure that you use relevant keywords in both the title and description of your  video. Write some interesting content below your video making sure to utilise the keywords in a couple of places. Add your link near the start of the content as only the first 3 lines or so will show without the viewer having to click to see more.

Make sure that you make your video content as interesting as possible, to keep people engaged, as YouTube look at the length of time that people stay watching your video and use that information when ranking it.

We have an added trick for ranking your videos quickly. This is exclusive to team members. If you are part of our team, just drop me a message to get this amazing tip!

We’ve also just introduced a fabulous YouTube video thumbnail creator. It will make your videos more inviting if the thumbnail looks interesting and attracts people to want to watch. You can find this >>here<<.

#2 – Global Money Line – There are paid options within this programme, but the free option is great for sharing your information with people interested in online business. The only difference with the free version to Bronze which costs $20 is that you can message 20 people at the same time rather than individually. Lists of users who join after you are constantly displayed and you can send them a quick message including your link. It takes seconds each time and you can post as many times as you like. You can join free HERE.

#3 -EasyHits4U – For every site you visit, you receive one visitor back to your link. There’s no limit to free visits you can receive each day, so the more you view the more clicks you earn. If you don’t want to view other ads you can purchase visits after signup, but you can continue to use this totally free for as long as you want to. Join HERE.

#4 – TrafficAdBar – This is a free traffic exchange with more. As well as your ad being shown to members who are surfing, daily emails are sent out to members that will contain your links. With every 25 sites that you surf, you get bonus hits and points to get more traffic to your site. As you earn points you move up the level ladder. The level ladder is your key to automated advertising. The higher each of your websites are on the level ladder, the more hits you will receive.  TRY IT NOW!